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Truck Dispatch Dry Van, Step Deck, Reefer, Flatbet, Power Only

We Truck Dispatch Dry Van Step Deck Reefer Flatbet and Power Only

Truck Dispatch Dry Van, StepDeck, Reefer, Flatbet, Power Only Our fast network of exclusive shippers and brokers spread across all 48 states will ensure you get loaded at the best rate per mile!

Type Of Trucks We Dispatch

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Dry Van

Dry vans provide a huge benefit to clients across the United States, keeping their goods and safe and sound while they are out on the roads.
To achieve the best for your clients, you need a friendly, honest dry van dispatcher to support your efforts. This is where Logity Dispatch comes in — we have spent years building great relationships with drivers.

Step Deck

It is a big responsibility to transport oversize and over-height cargo, never mind having to jump through logistical and organizational hoops to keep your business afloat.
We got your back on looking for and assessing prospective loads, haggling over prices and rates, generating and completing all the paperwork required by regulations and industry practices.


You and your reefer truck are already providing an excellent service to your customers. But, to continue offering this level of service, you need a dispatcher you can rely on — one with the right attitude to your business and a range of streamlined, stress-free processes that keep your operation moving.


Your flatbed truck is a heavy-duty vehicle. As such, it supports our economy in ways that other vehicles simply cannot.
Here at Truck Dispatch, we want to be your partner, providing you with the dispatch services you need to connect you and your flatbed with the clients who will benefit the most.

Power Only

Since 2015, Truck Dispatch has provided power only dispatch service to owner-operators and truck fleets. Our team makes it easy to match power-only loads to independent owners and truck fleets any time you need to move equipment on a flatbed trailer, dry van trailer, refrigerated van, shipping container, or tanker trailers. We can find the best power only trucks solution to fit any transport situation.


«By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.» ― Benjamin Franklin And it can’t be truer. There is a Universe of Loads out there. And only 70 driving hours available. We have found the way of reserving the best ones for our clients and making their efforts and time paid at its best.

  • Selecting best areas to pick up a load from
  • Negotiating the most convenient financial and operational conditions
  • Building up a route
  • Booking loads on behalf of the Client from Internal Core Brokers List.
  • Advising the Client on the Current Market Situation.
  • Generating Gross Income for the Client.
  • Generating Invoices
  • Truck Dispatch Dry Van, Step Deck, Reefer, Flatbet, Power Only


Having good connections may be a good advantage, however without a clear instruction on how to complete the mission- you are doomed to failure. Freight Dispatcher Services has induced into the workflow a highly accurate sequence of monitored dispatcher duties that allow us to keep the hand on the pulse and monitor the performance of each load without losing things out of focus.

  • Availability 24/7
  • Dedicated Phone Line for Drivers
  • Professional Approach
  • Monitoring the driver all the time, from his first day with Freight Dispatcher Services
  • Ensuring sustainability of the Plan (correcting appointments, replacing with better connections)
  • Scheduled Broker Updates
  • Collecting the feedback from the driver
  • Arranging the Best Match Route
  • Partners in the Industry
  • Insurance
  • Factoring
  • Document Processing
  • Attorneys for Charges and Claims
  • Truck and Trailer Damage
  • Truck Dispatch Dry Van Step Deck Reefer Flatbet Power Only

Our sites that we recommend to also dispatch trucks are and and our page that is

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